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November 28, 2012

November 28th

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In math we spent some time building up our skill with measuring length.  We practiced measuring in inches, centimeters, and feet.  We also worked on making good estimates of length.

Since school started we have learned several reading strategies including finding the main idea, noticing story elements, and giving a summary.  This chart helps us organize all of these strategies.

We learned that when you give a summary of a fiction story, it should include a little bit about the characters, setting, beginning, middle, and end.  We know that somewhere in there will be a problem and solution (that's what the lock and key represent).

In science we recently started a new unit about the moon and stars.  Here, students are using a flash light to represent the sun, a basketball to represent the earth, and a styrofoam ball to represent the moon.  We modeled how the earth gets day and night,  how the moon revolves around the earth, and how the appearance of the moon changes as it rotates around the earth.

We are learning to recognize the moon phases.  We have noticed there are many cycles in nature and the changing moon phases are one of them.

The final culture we studied in our most recent social studies unit was that of the Ute people.  We studied the petroglyph artwork of the Utes which can still be seen on rocks today.  We created our own petroglyph designs by painting and carving into plaster slabs.