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February 19, 2013

February 19th

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In 2nd grade we learn about 5 of the 8 parts of speech.  We've already worked on nouns, verbs, adjectives and pronouns.  This week we learned about our last one, adverbs.  They add information about a verb.

We already knew that sentences needed a capital letter and an end mark.  We recently learned that all complete sentences also need a naming part (the subject) and a telling part (the predicate).

We recently started a unit about persuasive writing.  Each week we go through these steps in the writing process. 

We learned that biographies are books about people's lives.  After reading a biography about the singer, Marian Anderson, we used what we learend to desgin a new outfit for her.  I was amazed with the students' creativity!

We had a great time decorating bags and exchanging cards and treats on Valentine's Day.