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June 3, 2013

June 3rd

Our fun door decoration from teacher appreciate week!

We have continued to study habitats.  We made minibooks about the coral reef habitat.

This is a diorama we made about a pond habitat in all four seasons.
We learned that many animals use their coloring or pattern to hide from or confuse predators.  We made this mural where the animals blend into their savannah surroundings.
We learned that fables are stories with animal characters that act human.  Fables always have a lesson at the end.  After reading the fable Henny Penny, we made a map of all the locations we read about.
In math we have been learning that you can describe the chance of something happening.  This is called probability.  We each got a cup of jelly beans and graphed the number of beans we had of each color.  Then we described the probability of pulling out a bean of a specific color.  We also learned that probability is involved in games that have dice and spinners.