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April 14, 2013

April 14th

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Our current writing unit is about report writing.  During the first week of the unit we wrote about our school.  We first thought of three questions someone might be wondering about our school.  We used these questions as heading to organize our writing. Then we answered the questions and created a table of contents for our work.

We recently studied gravity.  Everyone had a basic understanding of what gravity is but we learned many new and interesting facts about it as well. 

We've been studying nonfiction text.  We learned that nonfiction authors use five text structures to write about topics.  As readers we need to recognize these text structures so we know what to expect and what to look for while we're reading.  The signal words on the right side of the chart help us to identify text structures.

In math we are studying geometry.  We learned about many characteristics of 2D shapes and how these characteristics help us name and classify the shapes.

We learned how to identify parallel lines and marked the sets of parallel lines we found in shapes.  Some shapes have no sets of parallel lines.

We built several 3D shapes, then practiced counting their faces, edges, and vertices.