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March 2, 2013

March 2

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We have enjoyed learning about measurement in math.  This week we had a jumping contest and measured our jump distances using meters and centimeters. 

We recently started a new unit in social studies about maps.  We have learned that maps show things from a "birds-eye" view.  We will also be learning to use coordinates, cardinal directions, legends/keys, and map scales.

We are learning to write persuasive pieces.  We know that two places persuasive writing can be found is in opinion articles in the newspaper or in brochures that try to convince people to visit a place.  We have gotten the chance to publish our own work in the style of an article and a brochure.

In math we've been using a new tool called a rekenrek (a Dutch invention).  These are simple ones made out of cereal boxes, beads, and pipe stem cleaners.   Rekenrek's can be used in a variety of ways but we've been using them to understand problems involving comparison.  The top rekenrek is in "start position."  The one on the bottom is showing the problem:

Dan had 4 books.  Jessie had 4 more books than Dan.  How many books does Jessie have?
Dan had 4 books.  Jessie had 8 books.  How many more books did Jessie have?

These Rekenreks can only model problems with small numbers, but they have helped us build a foundation for solving similar problems with bigger numbers.

We are learning that prefixes are word chunks that change the meaning of a word.  Recognizing these chunks helps us sound out long words and helps us know what they mean.